Desert Rivers, Mexico
Photograph by Adriana Franco, Your ShotRivers forming treelike figures on the desert of Baja California, Mexico

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Death Valley National Park
Photograph by William Lee, My ShotIn the early morning of January 22, 2011, a photographer was shooting pictures in Death Valley National Park.

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Saharan Watercolor
Image courtesy Michael Taylor, Landsat/NASAThis circa-2000 satellite picture of Tassili n’Ajjer National Park in southeastern Algeria serves as a snapshot of the region’s geologic history. Desert sands (yellow) fill in now dry lakes carved into ancient granite (red), while salt deposits (blue) pop up among the wind-sculpted sandstone (tan).
NASA’s Landsat 7 satellite captured the false-color picture of the Sahara—released this week—using infrared, near-infrared, and visible light to reveal the park’s various rock types.
Mining Camp, Chile
Photograph by Tomás MunitaThe Chilean desert and highlands are littered with abandoned mining towns. Near the Bolivian border, the volcano Aucanquilcha looms over the remains of Buenaventura, which operated as a sulfur-mining camp through most of the 20th century.