Milky Way, New Zealand
Photograph by Stefan Mutch, My ShotThis was taken on the Otago Peninsula near Dunedin, New Zealand. I was hoping to capture some aurora activity. There was no aurora that night, but there was high humidity, so the light from the city was reflected over the entire sky, even though we were well away from the city. Instead of the usual gold or orange glow, the sky took on a red hue that was clearly visible to the naked eye.

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oh my gosh is this the most beautiful photo ever… sorry i’ve been MIA, school is busy busy busy !

Anyway enough rambling, even though I want to ramble more. Onwards to what NG says


Moonlit Mountains, Nepal
Photograph by Max Seigal, My ShotI watched as the beautiful full moon rose at Annapurna Base Camp, lighting up the entire landscape as if it were daylight. It provided the perfect lighting for this photo as I set up my tripod and shot one of the few majestic 8,000-meter peaks on this planet, surrounded by a starry night backdrop.

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Star Fields
Photograph courtesy Tunç Tezel, APOY/Royal Observatory

This image of the Milky Way’s vast star fields hanging over a valley of human-made light was recognized in the 2012 Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition run by the U.K.’s Royal Observatory Greenwich.

To get the shot, photographer Tunç Tezel trekked to Uludag National Park near his hometown of Bursa, Turkey. He intended to watch the moon and evening planets, then take in the Perseids meteor shower.

"We live in a spiral arm of the Milky Way, so when we gaze through the thickness of our galaxy, we see it as a band of dense star fields encircling the sky," said Marek Kukula, the Royal Observatory’s public astronomer and a contest judge.

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Aurora Borealis, Svalbard
Photograph by Max Edin, Your ShotI was visiting Longyearbyen, Svalbard, way up over the Arctic Circle, when I decided one clear night to go out and photograph the stars. After I made it to the location I’d chosen and had set up my exposure, the most beautiful aurora borealis show I’ve ever witnessed happened right overhead. The full moon at the time helped brighten up the foreground, creating this image.
Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland
Photograph by Orsolya and Erlend HaarbergThe volcano Eyjafjallajökull, in Iceland, just before dawn on April 23, 2010: The worst is over. Lava flows freely. Earlier, as it punched through the ice cap, it triggered a meltwater flood that destroyed roads and farms, and a steam explosion that hurled ash into the stratosphere, stopping air traffic for a week.

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Stargazer, Lake Malawi
Photograph by Chris Cannucciari, My ShotLake Malawi, Africa. A stargazer looks into the endless cosmos as waves lap along a beach in Southern Malawi.

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Sami Herder, Scandinavia
Photograph by Erika LarsenCone-shaped tents called lávut provide temporary shelter for Sami herders while following the reindeer. Nils Peder Gaup, resting here on the tundra, feels most at home in the mountains. “The Sami spirit follows you,” he says.